Simple data retrieval:

First we have to configure our data source ( data sources for armory data are abstracted so that we can implement a local database cache for example to minimize Armory access )

ArmoryServerDataSource dataSource = new ArmoryServerDataSource( ArmoryServerRegion.Europe,CultureInfo.CurrentCulture,"Mannorith",null );

This sets up an armory data source that accesses the official Blizzard Armory Servers via HTTP Requests.
It will contact the European Armory, and retrieve data for the realm "Mannoroth".
You can specifiy a culture and localized data ( e.g Item names ) will be in this cultures language. Of course currently only English,French and German are supported, in all other cases english data will be returned.

The next step is to create our main access point:

ArmoryAccessor accessor = new ArmoryAccessor(dataSource);

This gives you a nice high level interface for the specified data source.

Now lets get some simple data:

ArmoryGuild guild = accessor.GetGuild("Die Ruchlosen")

We get the an in memory representation of my own WOW Guild :-)

Now we might want to get all the members of the guild, so in .NET tradition this is very easy:

foreach( ArmoryCharacter c in guild )
// Do Something with c.

We can of course also get a character directly:

ArmoryCharacter character = accessor.GetCharacter("Marikschon")

And now we have an in memory representation of my own main Character.

Lets do something a bit more difficult:

ArmoryCharacter character = accessor.GetCharacter("Marikschon");

foreach( ArmoryCharacter c in characer.Guild )

And we can traverse all the fellow guild members of the character we retrieved.

More to come soon !

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flybynight Aug 7, 2007 at 4:30 AM 
Ok noob question here, but where do I set up the connection information in dot net? Do I need to add an ASP web project to or something to that effect ?